Media Release

The FRC issued this press release to the Associated Press  correspondent at the Missouri State Capital, on the occasion of our public launch:


February 25, 2015

Contact: Farm Resettlement Congress

20 Year Plan  = 1 Million Jobs = Food and & Energy Security for We, The People

Who:  The People

What: Announcing the Farm Resettlement Congress, an invitation to restoration

Where: South Lawn

When: 9:30 a.m.

Why:The Farm Resettlement Congress movement is the end of politics as usual.This local, grassroots restoration movement champions a 20-year plan to restore food and energy security from the grassroots up.

People are anxious. They feel nothing is happening on time, that no one is coming when the chips are down. The world has a problem. FRC has a solution.

The FRC 20 Year Plan restores our health, our economies, and our planet’s biological systems. The Farm Resettlement Congress offers a vision based on restoring local management of our most basic human needs: food and energy

The Plan will soon be released as an open source offering:

  • The Whole Watershed Master Planning CatalogTools, Templates and Models for autonomous food, energy and economic security in 20 years.
  • FRC is not an organization, a corporation, a political party, a political movement; nor is it a religious project.
  • FRC does not seek government funding or foundation support.

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